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4-Star Hotel Getaway

Embrace Authentic Island Charm and Unmatched Hospitality

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- Children: 0 +


Serenity and Adventure

Where Every Service Is a Promise of Unforgettable Experiences

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Exclusive guest pool with ocean view, nestled among lush greenery, equipped with sun umbrellas and typical loungers, provides the perfect relaxation and sunbathing retreat.



Discover a blend of Mediterranean dishes and local Tanzanian flavors at our hotel, all prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to offer a unique culinary experience.



Located on the pristine north-est shores in front of Mnemba Island, our beach features turquoise waters with sunbeds and umbrellas for the ultimate relaxation experience.

IKI Massage Corner

IKI Massage Corner

Experience complete relaxation with our customized massages, treatments and traditional aesthetics

Free Time

Free Time

Discover leisure and adventure: excursiones, water sports, entertainment, and tours for unforgettable memories.

Elevating Your Stay

High Standards, Unmatched Quality

A Commitment to Excellence in Every Detail

Our four-star resort prioritizes a blend of variety and quality, ensuring every service from dining to wellness enhances your stay. It’s where comfort meets quality for a memorable experience.

Discover Your Dream in Zanzibar

Unveiling the Essence of Zanzibar

Experience the Heart of Zanzibar’s Enchantment

Founded on passion and high standards, Sun Bay Mlilile Beach Hotel offers a unique blend of local warmth, serene beaches, and tailored experiences, promising the dream holiday you’ve always imagined.

Feel at Home, Embraced by Serenity

Your Cozy Corner

Experience Unmatched Warmth and Relaxation

Immerse in an atmosphere where every detail is curated for relaxation and warmth, offering a stay that nurtures the soul and invites a sense of belonging.

Expertise with a Local Heart

Growing Together

From Training to Excellence

Our dedication to nurturing local talent reflects in our expertly trained staff, ensuring authentic experiences and professional service, while supporting the community’s growth.

Cultural Harmony

Embracing Tradition

The Soul of Our Hospitality

We honor Zanzibar’s rich heritage by integrating local culture into our hospitality, from décor to dining, celebrating the island’s spirit.

Green Practices, Blue Waters

Preserving Paradise

Eco-conscious in Action

Our commitment to sustainability shines through our support for local ecosystems, from sourcing to operations, safeguarding Zanzibar’s natural beauty.